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Wood Pellet Patio Heater

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Eco Friendly, Reliable Patio Heater

Eco friendly patio heater burns biomass fuel, using the same wood pellets as pellet stoves. Requires no propane, no gas, no electricity.

Wood pellet patio heaters are an example of an ingenious application of four basic scientific phenomena. Air, fire, fuel, and gravity are all that are needed to generate thousands of eco-friendly BTU’s.

The wood pellet patio heater is an exceptionally unique product that is simple to operate, and because it doesn’t rely on electricity, motors or any moving parts, it is both a reliable and practical product.
Where would I use a Wood Pellet Patio Heater?
In Use

Backyard – great portable heater!
On the patio or any outdoor room
Camping / Hunting / Fishing
At the beach
Tailgating and sporting events
Restaurant patios and smoking lounges
Orchard Heater
Appropriate for both residential and commercial settings.
Anywhere you may need heat

Beautiful and Practical

The Wood Pellet Patio Heater brings a rugged charm to the portable heater scene. Clean, strong lines are accented with fire-viewing window on the stovepipe. Gather around this unique patio pellet stove for a warm and aesthetically pleasing experience!

*This product is available in store only at this time. Call for a quote if you would like one shipped to you.


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