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Traeger Pellet Water Boiler

*This product is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to be on a waiting list for this item.

This outstanding water heater operates under the same principles as any other boiler, however it operates on bioenergy.

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*This product is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to be on a waiting list for this item.

The boiler is wood pellet or corn fired. If you want versatility we’ve got it. Use this boiler to heat concrete floors, radiators, duct coils, hot tubs as well as domestic hot water.

Whether you’re replacing an old system, starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, this boiler is the one for you. It has a standing pilot for quick delivery on demand.


-Pressure release valve

-Domestic hot water coil


-Hydronic water pump

-National board stamping

-Safety disc lockout

-Altitude gauge

-Easy clean vertical tubes

-Low water cut-off switch


BTU Input:85,000 or130,000 BTU/Hour

Overall Efficiency:80%

Approx. Heating Capacity:2,000-4,000 sq.ft.


Width (includes hopper):40″


Hopper Capacity:160 lbs

Weight:560 lbs

Flue Size:4″

Power Requirement:110 volt

Breach:Left Side

Fuel:Wood Pellet or Corn

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Download PB150 Manual

Additional information

Weight 254.00 kg
Dimensions 69.00 x 102.00 x 150.00 cm

2 reviews for Traeger Pellet Water Boiler

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ross Carpenter

    The PB 150 Water boiler has been a great replacement for our natural gas furnace (now the back-up heater). We ran the pellet furnace in conjunction with the gas unit and installed a manual switch to flip between units. Living in Northern Vermont, we see a variety of temperatures in the winter and we burn pellets whenever the temp drops below 45 Fahrenheit. The pellet feed mechanism is variable and I made a smaller block to allow even more variability. We burn anywhere from 6 – 9 tons of solid hardwood pellets per season. I clean the stove top to bottom weekly to ensure optimum performance. These furnaces are not for everyone however. Here are a few things to consider: Ease and proximity of pellet storage (we have a walk in garage/basement and dry storage room right next to the stove); Ease and proximity of pellet dealers (hint: don’t burn box store pellets); You need to have some basic mechanical knowledge for maintenance / part replacement; Ability to lift 40 lb. bags daily. If you are willing to put a little extra work into keeping warm, this is the way to do it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Lescarbeau

    We installed the PB 150 in 2006 and have had very little trouble with it.
    We start it up around mid November and run it thruogh till the end of March. Having spent most of my life around wood stoves. This product is a dream. The comfort level in the house is as easy setting the thermostat.
    I clean the fire box weekly and top to bottom once a month. We use 6 to 7 tons of pellets each year. Our home is 2600 square feet, our garage is 800
    square feet and I have never run out of hot water. We have found this to be a good solution to the riseing cost of fuel oil.

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